October 4, 2015

Is such a strong word to use

From a Christian man that bares a noose

Your hanging on to such ugly thoughts

From some that cared and would untie those knots

I prayed everyday for you

Now, I am shocked by the words you choose

Your perceptions have turn into deceptions and obnoxious you’ve become

For what you thought badly of someone

To stay in a family you said, FUCK THAT!

Well here’s the matter of FACT!

I walked away several times…

ONLY to be called back on the cell phone lines

It’s their choice to have me there

THEY are the ones that really care

You see, only what you want to see

Blinded by someone else’s deeds

The truth in this whole rotten affair

You didn’t know I was right there!

I saw every word wrote by you

My humiliation was all over my face

I prayed at that moment for JESUS’S  loving embrace…

To wipe the tears of sorrow off my face

I have realized now all I did for you every day that went  by:

My morning prayers began with you

My thoughts of hope all day were with you

I spoke the in HIGHEST regards for you

I sang to you in the shower

I thought if I ever won the power-ball:

You’d be the FIRST to know

I would offer freedom and a cabin by a calm bed of water

Hand you a fishing pole and we’d eat from the land

We’d write together and make love under the stars

I would reason with family and friends about your choices in life

I prayed to Richard at  night

I thought about all the things you taught me and how you took time to educate me

I thought about how proud I was to be by your side

I thought about how I looked up to you

And, I would say out loud GOD please take GOOD care of him

I cried for you when:

I was sick

When my body hurt

My mind was confused

When I was lonely and needed you

I wrote your name on books and things

I shared our love story and the ups and downs

I would hammer a nail into a picture and wish it was us

I would talk to your family about why wouldn’t you see me and talk to me

And, now your dark-side has come through…

You have shown your true colors and the words you’ve said

They’ve traveled far and wide

I will put my heart away and see you on the other-side

One final thought…

To hate

Brings you to Hell’s Gate

You’ll never know all the GOOD things I did, said or thought of you

Now that has all came to a stop

When my heart dropped …

By the word’s YOU choose to make me bleed that last bleed for you…

And, now everything I was cheering for

Just went out the human door…


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