When Jealously Rears Its Ugly Head

October 4, 2015

Utter pain ran through the beautiful memories of us

Now brought to disgust

And, I though my words were SO bad

 But now…

I am GLAD to have seen them.

It brought ME to your UGLY Veil

The one you THOUGH I wore from HELL

So, now I guess I was the bad one

After what I wrote, said, and done

But that is just fine now with me

Because GOD rose the Veil on you for ME to see

NOW I see…..clearly.

ALL the GOODNESS I brought in for you

Has now lead me to feel

The words you wrote clearly revealed ….

The depths you will go when everyone else knew your game

My honor, respect, and love for you now

Has bled out all over town

Every word you write is nothing but a fancy created in YOUR mind

That you’re NOT able to live or apply it every-time

So, go on about your little games, because her this girl doesn’t ware any shame

The love and the life I lead with you

I was the ONE that was true

So, now I see clearly of the fantasies you create in your world of the internet

And, the relationships you build, and the NON- commitment intent

You go after women that are weak and married,and, then make promises you can’t follow

And, like idiots we take it all in and sallow and hang onto your words

Only to find out…our visions of real love is blurred

By: Empty promises, lack of communication, being used for your purpose, with NO future.

Oh, but them damsels in distress IS NOTHING but a quest

And, then…you take the BEST and the Hell with the rest.

if this is some game or score you’re trying to fix

Someday …you’re going to run into the ONE that will be the best at this game…

AND, you will be the ONE to ware that stain.

YES I am angry, because I thought you were better, than most

However, now I see who was nothing but a hoax…

What a fool I am, to believe everyday in a man

Who held my heart and soul in his hand….


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