Light Years Away

October 5, 2015


I am the ghost of your past, present, and future

I  stood and held you up even when you thought I wasn’t there

It was a journey intended and designed by, Christ… but someone just didn’t care

But, I did.

The thunder roared and the rain poured down onto my wings and tears have soaked my soul

And, the pain of loosing you off my skin, stings and burns …only I know

this loss

I don’t have the strength anymore to stand here against the seasons

And, the erosion has ripped away my foundation and have left lesions

in my heart.

There isn’t a promise of today, and yet the death of my soul can never be buried

And, the light of the torch has burnt out and I see you know more

As, I drag myself through the door

I stand in the way of your core

I stepped aside, and now you can glide right by

I will see you in the pasting

In the light of the ever-lasting love

There you will see all

Of the rising and the fall

From the GREATEST man of all…


Cheryl Ann …


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