Its A Cowboy’s Journey

October 9, 2015

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The young Cowboy rides right into a mans dirt road

Kicks up his boots and re-loads

He shoots a gun for the battles he’s going to win

You’ll find him burning up the back-roads in front of the dusty wind

From start to finish the red dirt under his feet

Its a journey long waited, with no defeat

And, he’ll ride throughout the days, and the nights

Hangs his hat in only in the moonlight

Its a passion in the heart that drives this man

On a horse into a no mans land

And, when he  chew’s his tobacco and slams a cold beer

You’ll find him thinking of yesteryear…isn’t that what Cowboys do at the end of the day?

When they hang their hat and  bow their head to pray?

He will dream way into the land where hes  free to roam

A place that reminds him of home

He’ll walk the fields and look up at the stars

And, pray’s he’ll never leaves any scars

The Cowboy never leaves your side

He’ll carry many stories as he rides into the sunset

Even stories he’s not heard yet

He’ll be s a legend, and leave foot prints on your heart

 His parents knew from the start…

He will round up your problems and wrestle them down

And, figure them  out for you,  when you’re not around

Saddle up his horse with his hat pulled low

With a cracked smile that barely shows

He will help you in an instant and, then slowly ride out of town

Right at sundown…

Look closely at the souls of his boots, and see where they’ve been

Its a Cowboys Journey

right to the end.


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