The Emerging Battle

October 20, 2015


Your uncontrollable thoughts spoken wound deeper then you know

 The expressions coming from your darken soul

You try to hide what you’ve become deep inside

But the words flew out of your mouth for the last time

The multitude of collateral damage of the mountains you’ve climbed

Were nothing but an illusion in your own mind

What a messed up journey you’ve been on

When you use people as a pawn

Someone will take you down a notch or two

Leaving you standing, and wondering what to do

And, in that moment your darken soul will emerge

Beckoning secrets you soon will purge

You have no choice now to save your soul

And…go to a place we all go, with heart in tow

Which side will you choose when you release the inhibitions

Go were your heart is, give it permission

Own up to the One that was watching your destruction’s

Have you lost your instructions?

They were written in stone while your soul was being made

Is it time to turn a new page?

You were brought to a cross road to learn a lesson

Where shots were on fire by your own pre-designed ammunition

Unload the chamber that holds old bullets in waiting

From the hurt and pain you’ve been evading

And, switch up to a new line of defense

And, do it with moral sense

Pick up and new tool and rid of old pretense

Learn to mend and repair the fence

And, while your hands are bleeding and feeling the pain

Embrace it deeply and remove the stain.

You’ve got a lot of learning to do along the way

While you’re removing your decay.

And, just throw it away with all the old trash of yesterday

Stand tall with a clean slate and formulate a plan

That something  we were all taught by a man who took a stand

When you learn to re-load again

Shoot from the heart and loose the pin

And, you’ll never  cause pain ever again.


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