Universal Love

October 20, 2015


I believe in romance
The kind that makes your heart dance
I believe in making your own song
And, let romance dance you all night long

I believe in love’s light
The kind that shines in the day or night
I see the stars and the clouds with sunshine
They remind me of your love and our life, all the time.

The mix in our recipe has been handed down for years
I taught us value throughout the blood, sweat, and tears.
To manage this good thing has been a climb
We made it through all the storms every-time

But it is your love that encompasses my soul
It surrounds me where our heart goes
Its all in that dance we embrace within
In a love story we’ve made
Written in stone by our next of kin

Generation after generation we hand this love down
With hope we’ve shared a love that’s passed around
And, with every breath we take we live life on a wing and a prayer
As, we climb the latter to the man upstairs.

There we will find love everlasting, and hurt no more
As, we enter the house and open the door
The stars will shine brighter than ever
As, we live life forever, together…

And, the dance we choose to teach
And, the heart strings we strive to reach
Will be in the biggest journey of our life
When we look down and know we did alright.

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann
October 19, 2015


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