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Satan’s Emerging

November 25, 2015


Rising up to fight the flames

What lies beneath the blame game

Searing scars leave marks upon my skin

Scooping up a long the way  and clutching torched souls

I find my way up from the depths below

I emerge with fury tired of being judged with no jury

I will ignite flame…  one you can’t tame

There’s no reason for you to try to extinguish the Hell that is coming

So stop running

There’s an eternal fire that’s been burning for eternity 

All because of your uncertainty 

Hell’s bell’s are ringing and tabulating the souls

While the worlds out of control…

Who’s next in the line of fire

Down the path of desire

Make no mistake with your selection 

Here there’s no resurrection ….

Caution there’s  the yellow tape ahead

Keeping out the un-dead

So heed my advice and change your ways

These might be the final days…

Cheryl Ann Elliott-Fletcher

November 25, 2015


I Want To Go Home

November 19, 2015

I will make contact with you, when your desires are true

I will meet you in a place, when I am allowed grace

My soul beacons to reach the ones that believe, and will listen and not grieve

Just please stop pushing me away, because I have traveled so far to say…

All the unanswered questions that haunt your mind

Just relax and give me the time

I wanted to say things to those I have left behind, from of my last breath

I love you, and I miss you, too

I will tell you with the little energy I have left, that I am not your imagination

I am NOT a reflection of any one thing or a haunting of another being

Or silly things you think you’ve been seeing

When I brush your hair, touch you, or you hear my voice

It was MY choice to connect with you…

And, when I do my candle will finally go out

Then my story is understood, and you’ll breath life again

I am always going to be around my friend…

Remember…this isn’t the end.

So, light a candle for me and all that roam with me

We only long for someone to set our spirits free

So, please let it be you to cross me over and allowed to go home

I know longer want to roam in this dimension

Where I lack good communication and negative attention

I just need your compassion so let me talk, and lets work on this together

So, we can end my journey forever..

Cheryl Ann Fletcher

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl

November 19, 2015


United We Stand

November 15, 2015


We stand we fall

We look up to the One that’s above it all

And, we ask why?

There’s no greater love and understanding

From a Father that’s still standing

We morn the loss all around the planet

And, scream,  GOD DAMMIT IT!

Dam the wicked and corrupted souls

We stand together on damage control

Make no mistake ISIS

You will feel your own crisis

When you hear the sounds… all around your town

Remember who came to visit on this day

It was ALL of us from the U.S.A

So, open up OUR Bible, where it says: An eye for an eye

Look up! Stare at the sky….and, you’ll know why

We are the WARRIORS in, CHRIST every day

We are the STRONG, and the  BOLD raining down on your parade


You can run for cover all you want, but you’re going to learn on how WE confront

We don’t take lightly to what you’ve done

You’ve unleashed the power and our guns

 In fact we’re going to enhance what you’ve done to our friends

And, we stand UNITED in terrorism until the end

You’ve not heard the end from us YET

You can take that to the bank, its a sure bet

Untied We Stand…

Dedication to:  Paris


The Last Note

November 8, 2015


The notes were wrote for you right from the start

The leafs danced to every note played, upon my tender heart

It was magic we created over time of years spent apart

And, still the seasons blew through while each cord, was designed and played

I though of you….everyday.

The notes  from the tender strings carried passion as my fingers …

Left the residue of compassion and try to wipe it away, but it still lingers

As, the leaves fall down for each season’s song

They land on the keys, they seem to know where they belong

I hear your name in the fall of the leafs

And, my heart breaths you… my mind will never leave you..

I watch you coming down all around me now

Constantly spiraling down, but there’s still one that waits it fate

Resting on the note, the keys to the season’s gate

I hold the key to each new note written, with hope

Right down to the last note….

Cheryl Ann Fletcher

Written for: Spazio Vest


Just A Travel Expedition

November 3, 2015


Where there’s no competition
I will linger on the lips of time
I have been plucked ripe right off the vine
I saw this coming, saw all the signs

Its in the sweet surrender, when I see through the glass
Rolling down time and forgetting, about the past
In a class of its own just Dom and me
I set sails on a road to wounder free

The luxury and the fine ride
With you right by my side
We will travel this journey feeling the sensation
Of loves intoxication….

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann

November 3, 2015