The Last Note

November 8, 2015


The notes were wrote for you right from the start

The leafs danced to every note played, upon my tender heart

It was magic we created over time of years spent apart

And, still the seasons blew through while each cord, was designed and played

I though of you….everyday.

The notes  from the tender strings carried passion as my fingers …

Left the residue of compassion and try to wipe it away, but it still lingers

As, the leaves fall down for each season’s song

They land on the keys, they seem to know where they belong

I hear your name in the fall of the leafs

And, my heart breaths you… my mind will never leave you..

I watch you coming down all around me now

Constantly spiraling down, but there’s still one that waits it fate

Resting on the note, the keys to the season’s gate

I hold the key to each new note written, with hope

Right down to the last note….

Cheryl Ann Fletcher

Written for: Spazio Vest


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