United We Stand

November 15, 2015


We stand we fall

We look up to the One that’s above it all

And, we ask why?

There’s no greater love and understanding

From a Father that’s still standing

We morn the loss all around the planet

And, scream,  GOD DAMMIT IT!

Dam the wicked and corrupted souls

We stand together on damage control

Make no mistake ISIS

You will feel your own crisis

When you hear the sounds… all around your town

Remember who came to visit on this day

It was ALL of us from the U.S.A

So, open up OUR Bible, where it says: An eye for an eye

Look up! Stare at the sky….and, you’ll know why

We are the WARRIORS in, CHRIST every day

We are the STRONG, and the  BOLD raining down on your parade


You can run for cover all you want, but you’re going to learn on how WE confront

We don’t take lightly to what you’ve done

You’ve unleashed the power and our guns

 In fact we’re going to enhance what you’ve done to our friends

And, we stand UNITED in terrorism until the end

You’ve not heard the end from us YET

You can take that to the bank, its a sure bet

Untied We Stand…

Dedication to:  Paris


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