I Want To Go Home

November 19, 2015

I will make contact with you, when your desires are true

I will meet you in a place, when I am allowed grace

My soul beacons to reach the ones that believe, and will listen and not grieve

Just please stop pushing me away, because I have traveled so far to say…

All the unanswered questions that haunt your mind

Just relax and give me the time

I wanted to say things to those I have left behind, from of my last breath

I love you, and I miss you, too

I will tell you with the little energy I have left, that I am not your imagination

I am NOT a reflection of any one thing or a haunting of another being

Or silly things you think you’ve been seeing

When I brush your hair, touch you, or you hear my voice

It was MY choice to connect with you…

And, when I do my candle will finally go out

Then my story is understood, and you’ll breath life again

I am always going to be around my friend…

Remember…this isn’t the end.

So, light a candle for me and all that roam with me

We only long for someone to set our spirits free

So, please let it be you to cross me over and allowed to go home

I know longer want to roam in this dimension

Where I lack good communication and negative attention

I just need your compassion so let me talk, and lets work on this together

So, we can end my journey forever..

Cheryl Ann Fletcher

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann.com

November 19, 2015


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