Satan’s Emerging

November 25, 2015


Rising up to fight the flames

What lies beneath the blame game

Searing scars leave marks upon my skin

Scooping up a long the way  and clutching torched souls

I find my way up from the depths below

I emerge with fury tired of being judged with no jury

I will ignite flame…  one you can’t tame

There’s no reason for you to try to extinguish the Hell that is coming

So stop running

There’s an eternal fire that’s been burning for eternity 

All because of your uncertainty 

Hell’s bell’s are ringing and tabulating the souls

While the worlds out of control…

Who’s next in the line of fire

Down the path of desire

Make no mistake with your selection 

Here there’s no resurrection ….

Caution there’s  the yellow tape ahead

Keeping out the un-dead

So heed my advice and change your ways

These might be the final days…

Cheryl Ann Elliott-Fletcher

November 25, 2015


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