It’s All Good Now

December 15, 2015


Thanks my first love for telling it like it is, now

I have known for a while how you really feel

Let me tell you sense our last visit in the drive that beautiful summer day…

You said, forgive myself for  my relationship with you

But…here’s a BIG clue for you..

In the Bible it clearly says…

Don’t let a married women go to your head

So, even though I wanted you, too

You didn’t STOP on what you wanted to do..

I let go of everything I had know for twenty plus years

Told hold you again, my dear.

I told you I have yearned for you all of my life

Even dreamed of being your wife..

Hey, I even carved it into a tree with a dual knife

In the middle of one stormy night..

While you slept in OUR bed YOU once said..

Now you entertain a new women where WE made promises

Dreams, hope’s of all things…

But the one thing you’ve never realized…

I am every women with the same thoughts and needs

How many do you have to go through and tear down the seeds

The growth in our relationship wasn’t,  because you didn’t believe me

It was in prayer and your need to NOT see it all indeed

But, its all good now

I have stopped hoping, praying, cheering you on, asking about you, wishing for a good long talk…

Because I have realized now…you only talk the talk, and NOT the walk

I guess this damsel was in more distress then you cared to ever noticed

You were to busy writing, and in your own fantasy…how, bogus.

Good luck in your endeavors

Nothing lasts forever…

To: KW

Thanks for nothing


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