Highway Window

December 29, 2015

David (2)

David Lowery

“The Highwayman”

If you could only see where I have been,

My friend…

I have walked miles to where there’s no end

And, as I look through this window pane

I reflect on how much I have gained

Although, I know there’s much more to be done

I will tackle each job one by one

The determination to bring restoration

For the after-life and their generation

Is an ongoing repair as I climb each stair

But…I know I will get there.

Through, the blood, sweat and tears

I have walked this road for them, for many years

I am the Highway man and I make my stand…

No matter the rain, pain and looking at life through the pane

I see, and feel

Their struggle is real

It’s all I can do to make this structure better, because its  their home

And, give them comfort, love and a safe place to roam

I know they watch me work day, and night

And, they know I have good things in sight

And, as I stand here and ponder the roads I have traveled

Things are starting to unravel, as to why I do what I do

Its because my heart is in it, and the after-life is true

They’ve crossed my path time and time again

I am in this to the end

And, that is my story friends…

Cheryl Ann

Extraordinaryconnectionswithcherylann. com


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