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The Broken Water- Bed

January 27, 2016

The pillow that holds our secrets

The blanket that covered our souls

The love stained sheets

Held your past, present, and future


And, all I wanted was a new bed

One that would hold just our own

A ring that would rap around it all

History in our name where old memories wouldn’t remain


Years in the making, and you didn’t see the heart breaking

Every-time the lights went out and the mix feelings grew

In a bed that wasn’t made for us, and you knew this too

And, now the sheets are cold

A story left untold…


And, the bed that holds gallons of water

Encased by a structure

Many drawers broken that hold emptiness

And, the water spews out every corner of our memories there…

Life doesn’t provide patches…





Rain Dance

January 3, 2016

Rain down

I can cry many tears, while the rain cleanses my mirrored emotions

I submerge myself into the water that flows throughout my soul

Grounded here where most would rarely go

But I will rest in this moment as time doesn’t exist

As I learn to absorb the waters and coexist

There’s no comprehension in this dimension as time beckons the earths pleasures

Just being me in this moment I am a treasure

Rest with me and listen to the mandolin rain playing on my heart strings

In peace I remain while my heart and soul sings

I am in rhythm and the vibrations of my core

 Will ponder here forever more…

Cheryl Ann

January 3, 2016



Kiss Your Color

January 2, 2016


When you kiss my lips I feel your colors

And, whats hanging in the balance of others

The canvas of our hearts

Came from the kiss that sole many hearts

Paint a kiss upon my lips

And, create our delicate mix

When our lips finally meet

Can you see the colors we’ll create?

Paint the kiss and the color you feel

From love’s color wheel

And, paint me what’s in your heart

A color I’ll remember when we’re a part

I will carry your canvas kiss forever in my mind

Your kiss was a creation of love blended and captured in time

It was all in the magic of the subtle brush

Left my lips with a colorful rush

Paint me….

Cheryl Ann Elliott-Fletcher

January 2, 2016