Romancing The Blog

March 28, 2016


Oh! Romeo!

How I watch you romance so many victims with your empty words

All the ones that I’ve  already heard

I have finally figured you out

Believe me when I say this now, I have no more doubts

You entertain women with your passionate kiss’s

And, leave their heart open and bleeding, without offering one simple stitch

You tear their hearts wide open with your creative  ways

And, leave their hearts roaming aimlessly everyday


They come across every word on the lines you put down

Open for all to see the makings of a clown

And, when the poison is drank and the bodies hit the floor

You walk away blaming others and shut the door..

One day you’re going to look into the mirror and see the heart the bleeds the worst

But, know worries …

She sees now, how your words were well rehearsed

On every line throughout romancing the blog

It’s all been an act and its clear on your dialogue.

Yeah, you know who you are…

Cheryl Ann


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