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We’re Gifted

June 22, 2016

I am being constantly lead
By those that are dead
To get their story told
And, relieve the pain in your head

Yes it takes time for them to come through
Can you imagine the energy they use for you
They hurt just like you do all the time
Waiting for a chance to do rewind
So be patient and seize those seconds
From the after life that beacons
Listen for the memories you once knew
They know how important it is, too
Trust is the important key
Just wait…
And, you’ll see
They’ve been around you all along
Waiting on you to be strong
Don’t be afraid to accept their presences
It was a spilt second in time, and God gave you a present
Cheryl Ann



Trust The Tears Through The Lens

June 2, 2016

I prayed for so many years throughout countless tears

Just to see your face, again …it’s been years

And, I knew it would never be in my timing

and, then …there you were.

You found your way back to me

And, at first I thought it was a dream

I always reminisced about things we used to do, together

Regardless of the weather

We’d take drives in the country, singing country songs without a care

Then, you were offered the dare and begged you not to do it

You smiled, and said…babe embrace this moment a bit

Just listen to our song…it’s playin.

And, I was prayin…

Lord, please don’t  have him take this challenge…he could die!

And, I caught that tear falling from my eye…

He was gone in a flash just beat his match

And, all I could see and hear was the impact of the crash

I covered my eyes and begged God to not make this true

I jumped out of the car and ran after you

I tired so hard to get you to say something or move, anything

I knew you could hear our song off in the distance

As, you struggled and I heard your resistance of taking your last breath…

We promise to love each-other to death, and you slipped away

And, I screamed out to GOD…NO NOT TODAY!


It’s been several years now my love

But … still I sit wait for you to appear

So, I went back to the sight where I lost you that day

I stood there and prayed…

Out of no where I felt your presence and you knew my mission

I wanted to see you…and, there you were as an apparition

And, I cried for years throughout all these tears and who’d of thunk

You’d take a challenge while you were well  on your way to being drunk

And, all I could do was pray for your soul

There was nothing I could do…I wasn’t in control

But…no one can every tell me you didn’t show

Because I caught your spirit in a photo

Cheryl Ann Elliott-Fletcher


Blown Words

June 1, 2016

Blowing up phone

Don’t send me messages that burn up the lines

That’re tearing up the phone lines

Words of message sent

Should of been time spent with your voice


It’s your choice

Words show no feelings

When we are dealing

with issues

Emotions dripped into tissues

I can no longer see the screen

Of hopes of dreams


They’re there written in shapes of tear drops

In a tissue where the heart stopped

Shattered words fell to glistening pieces

Etched in my mind ..memories of the past

Words no longer cut like glass…

Cheryl Ann


Nebraska And Just Country

June 1, 2016


Looking up at the stars

I sit and wonder where you are

I feel you all around me at times

When I drive in the country just to unwind

Driving down dirt roads windows down

Heading way outta town

And, the dust flying off the back wheels

You gotta understand how this feels

And, I don’t care whats rolling away

It’s falling off me now anyway

And, the country music relates to the feelings I generate

While I roll down the back roads

Where my life unfolds of memories I unload

Shedding layer of time flying by

While starring at those stars in the night sky

And, I find you riding above me the whole way

I wouldn’t want this experience any-other way


tonight there’s something different in the air, and the summer breeze

cutting through my hair

I just smile while looking up at the stars

And, nothing compares to what I found..

While driving out of this, Nebraska town.

It’s just country…