Nebraska And Just Country

June 1, 2016


Looking up at the stars

I sit and wonder where you are

I feel you all around me at times

When I drive in the country just to unwind

Driving down dirt roads windows down

Heading way outta town

And, the dust flying off the back wheels

You gotta understand how this feels

And, I don’t care whats rolling away

It’s falling off me now anyway

And, the country music relates to the feelings I generate

While I roll down the back roads

Where my life unfolds of memories I unload

Shedding layer of time flying by

While starring at those stars in the night sky

And, I find you riding above me the whole way

I wouldn’t want this experience any-other way


tonight there’s something different in the air, and the summer breeze

cutting through my hair

I just smile while looking up at the stars

And, nothing compares to what I found..

While driving out of this, Nebraska town.

It’s just country…


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