Trust The Tears Through The Lens

June 2, 2016

I prayed for so many years throughout countless tears

Just to see your face, again …it’s been years

And, I knew it would never be in my timing

and, then …there you were.

You found your way back to me

And, at first I thought it was a dream

I always reminisced about things we used to do, together

Regardless of the weather

We’d take drives in the country, singing country songs without a care

Then, you were offered the dare and begged you not to do it

You smiled, and said…babe embrace this moment a bit

Just listen to our song…it’s playin.

And, I was prayin…

Lord, please don’t  have him take this challenge…he could die!

And, I caught that tear falling from my eye…

He was gone in a flash just beat his match

And, all I could see and hear was the impact of the crash

I covered my eyes and begged God to not make this true

I jumped out of the car and ran after you

I tired so hard to get you to say something or move, anything

I knew you could hear our song off in the distance

As, you struggled and I heard your resistance of taking your last breath…

We promise to love each-other to death, and you slipped away

And, I screamed out to GOD…NO NOT TODAY!


It’s been several years now my love

But … still I sit wait for you to appear

So, I went back to the sight where I lost you that day

I stood there and prayed…

Out of no where I felt your presence and you knew my mission

I wanted to see you…and, there you were as an apparition

And, I cried for years throughout all these tears and who’d of thunk

You’d take a challenge while you were well  on your way to being drunk

And, all I could do was pray for your soul

There was nothing I could do…I wasn’t in control

But…no one can every tell me you didn’t show

Because I caught your spirit in a photo

Cheryl Ann Elliott-Fletcher


One comment

  1. The last line said it all. I enjoyed reading this poem.Cheryl Ann. ❤

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