THIS I know

September 10, 2016

THIS I know…

In the dark of darkest night
I woke to a sudden fright
I felt the brush of your hand
I knew it was from a mortal man

I softly heard you speak my name
And, the thought of your voice still remains
I felt you move my covers slightly
And, your kiss on my cheek lightly

I saw you your shadow through the dark
And, I wondered if you’d heard my remark
I knew you’d never leave me and you’d return
But, this visit I had to earn

I had to trust you’d find me again
And, I would understand then
That you’d follow me forever and a day
And, your love would never lead me astray

I know you’re always guiding me with subtle taunts
And, the moment you left and how it haunts
But, I trust you’re and always will be around
It’s in the love we shared and found.

For you, and all of you that have lost someone you love…
They never leave your side. This I know.

Cheryl Ann Fletcher.



  1. Wow. Nice thoughts. Ann. You may want to check this resonating post I wrote few months ago

  2. The link is this

  3. A gifted woman you are Cheryl.

    • Oh, love. You’re after my heart

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