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Lack Of Trust

November 12, 2016

I once lived in a land

Some didn’t understand

But then you took a chance

And, now we are free to dance

We’ve been set free from the shackles of despair

Ran by people that didn’t care

We all felt succumbed to a world of clowns

Until you walked in and turned it upside down

Now no one knows how to react

Now things are going to get real as a matter of fact

There have been many that have taken it all for granted

Stomping there feet and throwing fits

Acting like immature little twits

But…I knew all along you’d be there one day

And, most would be swayed

But GOD put you where he intends you to be

In a world of confused dying to be free

But no matter what some may do to try and stop you

God got tired and sent you …it’s true

Only by the grace of GOD you will remain

Governing many that are going insane

But, the sad part of HIS will


It was HIS decision and HIS will

Enough, said