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A Flood Never Ending…

September 22, 2014

The Making Of Sir….

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  1. Someday …that certain someone will understand, the initials were carved into the Willow Tree of life a long time ago. Those initials will be forever carved in the good book of life, and on her heart forever.Willow Tree Meanings According
    to the Celtic Ogham

    The Celtic meaning of willow has a long history of symbolism associated with metaphysical and ritual practices.

    Specifically, the willow wood has been (and still is) used in ceremonies intended for enhancement of psychic abilities, honoring the moon as well as increase the essence of love in our lives.

    Many uses and associations came be traced back to our Celtic ancestors’ observations of the willow tree in their natural environment. Druid priests, dryads (priestesses), bards and ovates all recognized the willow’s affinity to watery domains. Flora and fauna in close connection with water are considered dwellers of the psychic realm, and symbolic of inspired imagination.

    The willow gets its moon associations (another powerful symbol of psychic and intuitive energy) because of its relationship to water. We see this when we recognize the moon’s influence over the waters of the earth – it moves the tides, pulling fluids to and fro with her own wax and wane.

    Recognizing these natural unions, ancient Celtic spiritual leaders considered the willow a container for water/moon attributes and thus utilized its wood and branches to invoke deeper connections to their intuitive purposes. The Celts understood that the willow was instrumental in bringing about psychic visions that produced a clearer understanding of the world in which they lived.

    Other valuable traits of the willow include its flexibility. The willow is one of the few trees that can bend in outrageous poses without snapping. This is a powerful metaphor for those of us on a spiritual path. The message here is to adjust with life rather than fight it.

    Further testimony to its adaptability, is the willow’s ability to not only survive, but thrive in some of the most challenging conditions. The willow is a prolific grower, often taking root from a single branch that has fallen into some marshy bog.

    In all, the willow reminds us to take heed of this lesson: Keep growing and reaching higher no matter where you are planted, because she will always know…where her love will NEVER quit glowing underneath, the moon light



Dear, Mr. Bob Marley

July 28, 2014



My letter to you.

Dear Mr. Bob Marley,

I have a genuine story of love for you.

It started out when I was a teenager. It was when, I had a lot to wager. Yes, I gambled on a love that was true, it was a love I thought, belonged to only two. Yet the years rolled by, after the love went to the way-side. Not, because it was of my choice, but from a mothers voice. I gave him the best part of me, my first time, one that was made for an eternity. Although, I was young my mother didn’t know what she’d done by tearing us apart. I knew I loved him, the moment I looked in to his heart.  It was a promise made to, God that I would marry him someday. So, I went out on a limb, to be with him again…many years later, I wanted to be with him, until  our life’s end. My intention was to die in his arms, and I avoided the alarms. What really hurt me the most, there were to many hosts, to ceremonies that now are only a dream, once again…

I fought hard for a love I truly believed in , even bought a wedding dress!  My love was never a fantasy, I wanted my love to dance with me. Mr. Marley, he never knew my intentions obviously,  true. The dress that hangs in the closet was bought for his love, and dress me in a blessing from, God’s mighty love. I will die, loving him.

Mr. Marley…

Your message here rang so loud in my heart, apparently he never got it right from the start….




Cheryl Ann

To: My once true love…


The Eye Of October

April 23, 2014



Photography by: Cheryl Ann

Walking a lone on this path of mine

I stopped when I saw you

I felt you following me

Your beckoning call taunted my soul

I couldn’t help but to give in…

The lens that I could see you through

was not of my own eyes

You must know me well to see me this way

You  knew I would reach for what my hands want to hold

My goodness I couldn’t help myself…

So, I pondered…

Will you still be there when I look again?

And there you were just hanging around

I caught you starring back at me…

It was love at first sight

I didn’t capture you

You captured me..

I guess its all in how you look at it..




My Journey

April 19, 2014

Then, we must find the the perfect olives and anoint our hearts, and drill for pure water, as we all thirst for the everlasting waters. And there we drink from the passion deep within our souls, so let it flow. Drink, until you thirst no more. Don’t be afraid of His return, I have been there. I returned just like he will, and you will hear what I have been saying. His words will be of my own. Only then, you’ll finally understand.




Carried to you in faith, as I rode in on white wings. I wasn’t afraid of the flight. Although my wings were tattered, though I still flew. It was on a wing and a prayer my destination was guided by His plan. I never had a doubt, yet the veil was raised only for your eyes to see the destruction, and the need to reveal the truth, and what sets us free. My wings no longer need repair, because it was He the ONE who cared. My destination I know longer question. I am HIS messenger of love and set sail on a mission from a white dove.  I am… Biancadove.


Father Time

December 31, 2013


I am the Angel from: Father Time

I have danced upon your heart for a long time

As the hands gently caress my soul

It’s now time for you to know

When the minutes were ticking by

I remained in the sky

Watching over you for Him, until

Our lives knew where to begin

Yet I spread my wings far and wide

With each new minute I’ll be by your side

As we ride the time of here nor there

We will love and be free without any care

No matter how time stands still

I will always be there

It’s His Will

Thy shall be done…

Come fly with me out to Thee

I will take you on a journey with me

I will take you back to the day when time stood still

Where you stated:  I fit the bill


Oh…Father Time

Take us there one more time

Where our hearts felt the rhythm and rhyme

You’ll hear my heart ticking in every room

Where timing bates your every move

Share the New Year together we will indeed

Taking it slowly

In God’s speed

I am your Angel one more time

Sweet Angel Divine

Cheryl Ann

Remembering the Time…


Sipping On A New Brew

December 14, 2013


I have been created for many to share a word or two

My world is in constant rotation for you

I am in the heart and center of your core

It is the quality time spent with you

I simply adore

The center is where my heart meets yours

A gravitational pull, yes, indeed

Where the energy of our love

Traveled with great speed

The words I speak come from the heart

I take complete ownership of this art

If I have spoken a word or more

I pray that your thoughts will soar

I bet I will met you on a different plain

Where this love will be sustained

By beauty in the art of speaking

Passionate looks

Tender touch

Simple kisses

Please fill my morning cup

up with words that stroke my heart

Then lift the cup with me, and drink the words

meant for you and me

Do you smell the brewing of  love

that’s worth the renewing?

I know so

Want a refill?

Cheryl Ann


What A Journey

December 14, 2013

In this life time, I see beyond the night. I’ll wake up to a new world. I was just out there floating, around you all. Hoping that our worlds would collide. Although, the nights seem like an endless journey, I see the direction, that I am levitating to. It may take me a while, but there’s grace in space…as I carry on. Good night, eveyone. Sleep in total solitude..ox