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Hell Will Freeze Over

March 26, 2015

I am privileged to know his beautiful soul

He came from a time not many know

In the split second our eyes met 

Little did he know, the theme was set

The story was, about to unfold

of a story not ever told

There was a special kind of magic in the air that day

It was in the look, and that was all he had to say

As the journey began, as it swayed all around us

The amazing developments derived out of trust

And, as I gazed around the room… I felt the connection of a new direction so,

I watched him closely, and his every move told me of the weight he carried 

A secret yet buried. 

The earth was, about to turn on its axis, and collide from the earth shattering story that he’d held inside

But I knew…

How it just took a word or two…

That brought our worlds together, and it was then, we knew

It’s a dance of revelations of things, GOD only knows to be true

It all happened in a flutter of a walk wanting to take flight

Of his struggles one frightful night

We’ve had are share of stories, and experiences galore

He carried that in with him, and right through the door

He placed his story into my lap, and at that moment…

It closed the gap.

No matter where he goes, and no matter where it leads

I was there to fill the need

Our minds bend paths with curves of the past, present, and future 

Make no mistake! This climax of success

Will superseded all the rest, before him.

He carries enormous strength, and his writing power will shower your truth with his divine

writing hours.

I know, because every word that he seeks, and puts down isn’t weak

Of the truth we all desire to know…

That one day will come, and the story will land in a place beyond comprehension to man

But, when you see the truth hit the shelf, grab it and see for yourself

The truth lie’s in the story teller’s hand, and he lays it down for you to pick up

what’s beneath us, and lies below

Of a realm not many will ever actually see, and that is why he was chosen

to bring it to you in this degree…

Dedicated to: Lee