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August 8, 2012

Growth, uses all examples it can muster…it takes a lot of prisoners, holds us in a time frame, where evaluations are a gift. When you unwrap, look at, an analyze all those moments…
In this time, everything you’ve done, will provide avenues of a new direction. In these roads, yet untraveled…will be guided by, instinct of survival. Driven by choice, not an expectation. So, when you look down that road, let it consume you, pull you, into change, because in this journey…you’ll find new beginnings, new idea’s and you will flourish. This is your path, leave the first foot prints. Be a leader in what everyone desires, because you aren’t afraid of  what feels right to you…so get walking, and enjoy what waits just for you. Just remember…all shackles, have keys and are hanging, right where you left them. The only thing left is to find the key, and unlock what you were given a long time ago…