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For The Tree…

October 28, 2013

For the tree

She saw the seedling, in the beginning. Watered it just a bit, even though, it did thirst for water she feed it more.  She came back to, check on the seedling. It had grown, alright. It drank, from the cloudy waters. When, she started to water again, that was clear…the tree, folded its branches around her. The growth clung to what it needed. Nurturing, love with growth in the right direction. Then, the tree, wanted to grow elsewhere. Did she, put a fence around it. Of course she did, to insure proper growth, sprouting up right! Reaching for the Heavens, where it all was created. She knew what she was doing. Sowing, planting, nurturing for Him. The fence is, God’s, embrace. However, the tree, wanted to branch out in its own direction, which only creates uncontrollable growth. Thus, leaving the tree, unattended. Open for destruction to the respect, of the fence. Its SOUL purpose was to keep it safe. With, the right tools in hand for trimming, and keeping trees in your fence (embrace) of love, where their branches grow. They must be frequently sniped, in order to avoid any potential problems as well as keeping them aesthetically pleasing. We know, in this world, trees, and are not always respected. There are a variety of tools, GOD provided to keep your tree growing in, the right direction. Maybe, when she went to trim, to care for her tree, there was no bending in the branches, for redirection, she once helped grow. It was a stubborn tree. She only, wanted to see, the leaves green and full of the right nutrients. She cleaned, around the trunk, exposing the unhealthy roots, gave it new life, new growth, clear direction. She can be found at the general hardware store.

Under the sign, that says:  God’s tools.  The tag read:  $Priceless$

~j~ Cheryl Ann Fletcher ~j~


Do You Remember?

October 28, 2013


Photo  *2010

Three years ago

I watched the clock tick very slow

The love was cooking …simmering on low

My confusion my worries grabbed my heart

Thoughts kept rolling, back to the start of


My heart beat slowly in anguish

still yet today

As I watch the clock still

for the love that didn’t fit the bill?

The pain, of what we lost that day

still I belong to you, anyway

You loved me then, we didn’t pretend

It wasn’t me that brought this love to an end.

I sit and wish that my life wasn’t this way

I didn’t know who I was, until I died that day

I had to accept what was delivered to me

Did I want it?  NO! This gift was meant to be

No matter how hard I try to be normal

GOD opened the door to the Paranormal.

Though, I try so darn hard to find a love to accept me for me

The love, the ONE he set forth before thee

Closed the door, when my heart felt free

Just to be me…

I guess I wasn’t allowed to bring truth with him

instead, I sit and watch time fade

While he suffers in a decision he made

My heart cries everyday, for the man GOD made for me

He bleeds out the suffering, and the dark side of love

Yet, what he’s missing …she is that dove

She is a real person, with emotions too

Crying out! Reach out, release this PAIN

From a love not made in VAIN!!!


Take the chance MAKE the break!

My time is running out!  The clock ticks only for you!!!!

Knock on this same door and let this go!

You came here before, don’t you know?

I am right here the same place

When our eyes met…we felt that GRACE

I have left you many clues

Here we both set paying a dues!

Yet you still think, I have left US

NO WAY! You taught me well

When all hell broke loose  and I came out of my shell

You, put me so far up on that pedestal

You still question…is she creditable?

I guess, your pride keeps you from knowing

What GOOD waits for you!

Now, with this information….

What are you going to do??

With loving, my darlin….

The clock is ticking…

It just takes a simple call or knock on this door

to open up the rest of our lives

Once more  ❤

Cheryl A33nn


The Nails Are The Nails

October 22, 2013


Though I walk through the shadow of death, I shall fear NO evil

John 8:7
King James Version (KJV)
So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Sense the age of eleven. I know, and understand, who I work for. Not, to be placed, on a pedestal, because of who, I am. I work, for Jesus, plain and simple. When, I work in the public at events, gallery or lectures, the blood red nails represent the blood of, Christ. The number three, has followed me sense my near death experience. The Trinity. I ware three fish, only on my ring fingers, closest to my heart. The rose, has a significant meaning to me, as well. I am, in constant bloom, in color. The thorns, represent the Crown, of our King. I am, human. I make mistakes, too. I believe, I came back to bring lost souls home, to Him. Through my hands, I have brought comfort, clarity, and closure. I know, what my purpose is. It’s to bring to you, reality. I am, a manager of several hats. I never, hang them up, because He’d never do that, to me. Though, I walk through the shadow of death, I fear no evil. I am, who I am, for Him. In Christ, I give you my hands. May they, hold and comfort you….all the days of your life.
I love you, Jesus.. 


A Saviors Soul Food

October 21, 2013


When, you choose to swim in lies, your water turns muddy. Jump up, and swim in truth. Quit stirring the pot, of your
The solutions to your madness, was mixed, with the wrong blend of ingredients. You were handed, the clear recipe,
but you choose to burn the dish.
Scrape of the burnt edges, and eat the center, where it all began.
The dish, you could of,
savored, with delicate consumption, was all in the first taste of love. 
Cheryl A33nn Elliott

One More Door

October 5, 2013

It’s fairly simple

Cheryl A33nn

Love made with by the hands of Christ

This, love…. I won’t ever have doubts

Kiss me goodbye, not look me in the eye

Miles I travel just to bring it home

Yet, the path… I still roam

Its all because of you

You brought me hope of being able to be real

I  wasn’t in your eyes the real deal

Pulled it all together in the end

There wasn’t NO pretending here

It came down, to only YOUR fear

To close the door to something so blessed

We failed the test

I walk these streets alone

In search of a new home

All the shattered hearts

That know, we’re apart

Prayers for unity go unheard

While our hearts are stirred…

I am out of your bed, and off your walls

Yet I still hear you call my name, down the halls

Brick walls thrown up, and fall so hard

The pain is enormous and my heart holds scars

You are the mender, in Christ? Now, I have to wonder?

Killing love, over a blunder…

I am so Thankful to know

My Faith, my hands caress

Those that are blessed

To be touched by me

Through the hands of Thee.

I will always be, who I am

Some will never get it, and choose to take a stand

Go around in circles -hand in hand

The band that binds -always out last’s time

For a man, that really didn’t understand

Where I came from-why I took HIS command

To bring you through it all

In Faith, we always stand TALL

I will peer from up above-He said to me

Girl get off your rear – bring them home to me

For every soul I return to HIM

I am working harder

as I sing HIS Hymns…

Blessed be in your name

Things will never be the same…

❤ I love you, Jesus ❤

Thank you, so much for this time spent

This gift I accepted. Just needed to vent  😉


Monthly Peace Challenge: Quote This

October 3, 2013

Beautiful! ❤

Indira's Blog

Monthly Peace Challenge: Quote This Aug31 by Kozo Hattori




If there is to be peace in the world,  the nations must live in peace.


If there is to be peace among nations,  the cities must not rise up against each other.


If there is to be peace in the cities,  neighbours must understand each other.


If there is to be peace among neighbours,  there must be harmony in the home.


If there is to be peace in the home,  we must each find our own heart.


Lao Tsu, China ( sixth century BC)

Peace comes from within, Do not seek it without .~ Buddha

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My Assignment

October 3, 2013

My Assignment

I live for you now, and forever. I will walk in your mind, and live in your soul. You, know me well. I am love. Here today, and beyond. I will surround you, with everlasting light, and walk you, through your darkness. I will passionately, touch, kiss, and comfort your sorrow, throughout your dreams, and every tomorrow. I will, ride right next to you! <33 Wholeheartedly. <33 You won’t have to worry, about anything. I have been there beside you, the whole time
Cheryl A33nn
P.S. You know,who you are