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Around And Around

May 20, 2016

SUNI greet another day…bringing you love and hope your way

To shine for you in these magical moments
Your eyes wide open…
I rise up for you
I’ve waited to warm your smile
Around, and around for miles
As we go round, and round together
And, we’ll rise every-time no matter the weather
I will provide the light for you for now and forever
Until I go down, but don’t worry he’ll be here soon
By the light of the moon
He’ll light your way, and see you through the night of day.



Spilling The Words

May 11, 2016

Spilling the words    When the ink hits the paper and I pound out the words

No word is too absurd to understand whats flowing out this hand

Writing down the words when they’re not heard so you’ll feel it and understand

We have so many ways to express a writer’s quest

So, read this and be my guest

Ride with the story you’re reading it comes from a the heart pounding out the words

After all what’s written is true and this isn’t for me, it’s for you

For every word you come across was wrote like a boss

Enough said……


The Bond

May 11, 2016

Mark and Robert.JPG

The words here can’t compare to the feelings in the air, here.

There’s no greater love and respect betwixt father and son

Nothing in this life time will ever separate the love they generate

Just being friends is the most important emotion coming through this lens

Time can never recapture what is seen here…. locked in time and never will it disappear

They’re so much a like I saw the strong bond on this night

So, I just had to snap this photo…  the moment was just right

Its in the eyes where the soul resides … signed, sealed and delivered

Mark and Robert Fletcher


The Good Life (Nebraska)

May 10, 2016

Little Cowboy

Photo owned by:

Toria Eisenbarth Alliance,  Nebraska


I am a simple kind of young man… riding out here on this peaceful land

I ride like my dad and only he’d understand …its just a father and son thing, yah know?

I have my boots, my cowboy hat, too! Just roaming the range, just us two

I know there’s a lot of work to be done, but for now we’re just having fun..

And, that storm behind me will water this ground, and feed many all around

I know this crop will grow, because I believe in my dad….he’s knows

But…I am a simple young man and I know this ground I ride on

I will take care of business like my dad, and grow up big and strong

But for now  we’re just riding a long…

I know my dad must of done the same things when he was my age

When he was a simple young man…just roaming the range

I am sure he’ll understand ….he’s also a simple kind of man

So I’ll head in and off this range…. once I see things will be okay,

And, ride…just save the work for another day

I am sure my dad will understand…he’s been where I am

He’ll stop and say, son is everything out there okay?

I’ll have a smile and say, yes sir!  I was roaming free

And, he’ll see himself as the simple little man he use to be…

Cheryl  Ann

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann

May 5, 2016