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When Time Has No Definition Here

October 29, 2014


When its time to lay this body down

When I meet the man that wares the crown

When I ask him where can my soul be found

When I seek I know it will be found

When I find it and hold my life

When I am judged for all the things I haven’t done right

When I ask GOD why?

When He stops time on a dime

When I listen and he’ll explain

When I hear it wasn’t all in vain…

When He say’s to me you’ve done all you can

When He speaks for all mortal man

When I shed the tears of relief 

When I realize nothing I did wasn’t the truth

When He says, “Cheryl Ann,” man just doesn’t understand

When He says…I gave you more than they could understand

When He, and I stand

When I shake his hand

When I enter His land…

I begin to understand.

When He say’s …you were born

When He say’s …. 

When time has no definition here

When I say…

Time doesn’t erase the blood in this space

My tears still are running down my face

The love that was meant to be, Lord…

Time ran out…

When he says to me…

Cheryl Ann…let it go, and just be free

When he says…one day he’ll see me

And, we’ll have all the time in this space

To retrace the rights and wrongs

When He says…in these moments you’ll need to be strong

for all things that were done wrong…

Because you will be back one day

I say…just to repeat what went away?

When time has no definition …

When He says….you’ll have all the time in the world my girl

I say….

I think its time

Let us rewind…


A Flood Never Ending…

September 22, 2014

The Making Of Sir….

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  1. Someday …that certain someone will understand, the initials were carved into the Willow Tree of life a long time ago. Those initials will be forever carved in the good book of life, and on her heart forever.Willow Tree Meanings According
    to the Celtic Ogham

    The Celtic meaning of willow has a long history of symbolism associated with metaphysical and ritual practices.

    Specifically, the willow wood has been (and still is) used in ceremonies intended for enhancement of psychic abilities, honoring the moon as well as increase the essence of love in our lives.

    Many uses and associations came be traced back to our Celtic ancestors’ observations of the willow tree in their natural environment. Druid priests, dryads (priestesses), bards and ovates all recognized the willow’s affinity to watery domains. Flora and fauna in close connection with water are considered dwellers of the psychic realm, and symbolic of inspired imagination.

    The willow gets its moon associations (another powerful symbol of psychic and intuitive energy) because of its relationship to water. We see this when we recognize the moon’s influence over the waters of the earth – it moves the tides, pulling fluids to and fro with her own wax and wane.

    Recognizing these natural unions, ancient Celtic spiritual leaders considered the willow a container for water/moon attributes and thus utilized its wood and branches to invoke deeper connections to their intuitive purposes. The Celts understood that the willow was instrumental in bringing about psychic visions that produced a clearer understanding of the world in which they lived.

    Other valuable traits of the willow include its flexibility. The willow is one of the few trees that can bend in outrageous poses without snapping. This is a powerful metaphor for those of us on a spiritual path. The message here is to adjust with life rather than fight it.

    Further testimony to its adaptability, is the willow’s ability to not only survive, but thrive in some of the most challenging conditions. The willow is a prolific grower, often taking root from a single branch that has fallen into some marshy bog.

    In all, the willow reminds us to take heed of this lesson: Keep growing and reaching higher no matter where you are planted, because she will always know…where her love will NEVER quit glowing underneath, the moon light



Dear, Mr. Bob Marley

July 28, 2014



My letter to you.

Dear Mr. Bob Marley,

I have a genuine story of love for you.

It started out when I was a teenager. It was when, I had a lot to wager. Yes, I gambled on a love that was true, it was a love I thought, belonged to only two. Yet the years rolled by, after the love went to the way-side. Not, because it was of my choice, but from a mothers voice. I gave him the best part of me, my first time, one that was made for an eternity. Although, I was young my mother didn’t know what she’d done by tearing us apart. I knew I loved him, the moment I looked in to his heart.  It was a promise made to, God that I would marry him someday. So, I went out on a limb, to be with him again…many years later, I wanted to be with him, until  our life’s end. My intention was to die in his arms, and I avoided the alarms. What really hurt me the most, there were to many hosts, to ceremonies that now are only a dream, once again…

I fought hard for a love I truly believed in , even bought a wedding dress!  My love was never a fantasy, I wanted my love to dance with me. Mr. Marley, he never knew my intentions obviously,  true. The dress that hangs in the closet was bought for his love, and dress me in a blessing from, God’s mighty love. I will die, loving him.

Mr. Marley…

Your message here rang so loud in my heart, apparently he never got it right from the start….




Cheryl Ann

To: My once true love…



July 23, 2014



Photo Taken By: Cheryl Ann Fletcher

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann

San Francisco Bay July 2014

When I look at you through my lens

I see the baby blue that has no end

You draw me in to a world not many understand

I see many men from another land

I traveled so far to meet you from another time

Your beauty is sublime

I couldn’t take my eyes off of you

So, I had to stop! And take many pictures, and then grab a tissue

I knew who’d been there before

When they closed you down, and shut the door

Still you remain, and your spirit doesn’t complain

But, I hear your cries, your sorrow that cannot be contained

As you seek a better tomorrow

But, your days will never end, and you seek glory

You’ll move on one day, when you give up your story

For now you wander, and you can’t find your way

No worries…He’ll come for you one day

Until then enjoy your beautiful view

Of the life you once knew…

-Dedicated to the men that lost their lives at Alcatraz, and the men who were their gate keepers-


A Ginger Moment

April 27, 2014

Ginger Warrior

You know she didn’t care,

As, she looked passed the moon lit mountains.

Moon light danced upon her back,

And, then her dress fell.

The tearing at her skin was only a matter of time,

She was sure something was lurking in the trees, because they hide the mountains.

Pressing of the flesh came without warning,

It had been there for an eternity.

Only she knew this battle,

The evil taunting her soul and constantly chewing at the bit.

It knew not of the sting of fate, but of the fate of this sting

Still it follows…

Will it win?

Tied up into the flashing moments as the world was spinning,

Wicked this way will come; it’s been chasing you for years.

Caressing the dirt; the nails pound deeper,

There are no thorns to strong for the dark.

Sweet death slowly emerges,

As, the mist appears right out from your worst night mare right there,

Hold on it won’t take long; it will feed while you bleed.

Your story goes way back into the time of yester-year,

You’re just looking at yourself in a mirror, shocking to others…yes indeed.

The ginger as we’ve know her to be, she has red hair that flows with a story to each strand, and no matter how hard she brushes the story its always there. She has traveled years beyond what you could ever fathom, it’s beyond compassion. In the fifteen-hundreds, she was a woman born from Celtic clan. She’s been through wars, and defended her family, and her dearest friends, and has carried a temper throughout generations. A woman that doesn’t put down her sword for anyone, but the man she adores.

There’s not a confrontational moment she isn’t able to handle, she does it with precision. With her swift approach she recognizes the threat, and with this being said, she is able to handle any forbidden walk. She is like a something hard to imagine, but she is defiantly unforgettable.

Her beauty is striking, her hair, eyes and her body, her sexy candor will leave a man gasping for air, and yet she is the first to breathe life into clay. The sound of her voice never leaves the ear drum, as it goes on even in the gentlest breeze, yet roars like an undeniable foghorn throughout the mountain-sides. Like the beating of a drum slowly beating at first, but as sharp as a deadly knife. You’ll her thunderous entry, deep into the crevice of your hearing, and your heart will skip a beat. Stance is her best quality.

She will become naked at gesture, a hint of demanding pleasures of fighting, reflecting back to how it all began, when she came out of her mother’s womb. She felt the labors of love, then. And will conquer anything that stands between her, and love. Then, her coat of armor is exposed naked with, Christ. She defends and honors Him in all battles.

The power is in the flesh she bares, and the fruit of her mother’s womb tells all the tails. These warriors will live on forever, as she fights the ugly beast that bare their claws in defiance of goodness.  She is a goddess, she will fight for only a good cause, and when there’s blood shed it’s only due to what lurks in the darkness. And, she bares no scars.

The mountains can become molehills, because no matter how big they are…they’re won over time with honor, by the One that gives us courage.

Reflections can be deceiving; it just depends on how you view the image in the mirrors of your mind.


The Eye Of October

April 23, 2014



Photography by: Cheryl Ann

Walking a lone on this path of mine

I stopped when I saw you

I felt you following me

Your beckoning call taunted my soul

I couldn’t help but to give in…

The lens that I could see you through

was not of my own eyes

You must know me well to see me this way

You  knew I would reach for what my hands want to hold

My goodness I couldn’t help myself…

So, I pondered…

Will you still be there when I look again?

And there you were just hanging around

I caught you starring back at me…

It was love at first sight

I didn’t capture you

You captured me..

I guess its all in how you look at it..




My Journey

April 19, 2014

Then, we must find the the perfect olives and anoint our hearts, and drill for pure water, as we all thirst for the everlasting waters. And there we drink from the passion deep within our souls, so let it flow. Drink, until you thirst no more. Don’t be afraid of His return, I have been there. I returned just like he will, and you will hear what I have been saying. His words will be of my own. Only then, you’ll finally understand.




Carried to you in faith, as I rode in on white wings. I wasn’t afraid of the flight. Although my wings were tattered, though I still flew. It was on a wing and a prayer my destination was guided by His plan. I never had a doubt, yet the veil was raised only for your eyes to see the destruction, and the need to reveal the truth, and what sets us free. My wings no longer need repair, because it was He the ONE who cared. My destination I know longer question. I am HIS messenger of love and set sail on a mission from a white dove.  I am… Biancadove.